I dreamed a garden
never ending,
it was all that
I could feel.
I dreamed
a visitation
to a city on a hill,
and as Picasso
said it would,
the dreaming
made it real.

–Dan Stone

I’ve been justly accused for most of my life of living in my own little world.  In keeping with my fondness for dreams and my love of poetry and storytelling, my work in photography and visual art has largely focused on the intersection of dream and reality or fantasy, as well as on the picture as poem or story.  My images range from more traditional straightforward color or black-and-white photography to somewhat surrealistic digital artwork.

I enjoy traditional digital photography, but the large majority of my work is created using my iPhone camera and a variety of apps for editing and post-processing, so it’s fun to refer to myself as an ‘iMagician’.  Despite the phone camera’s limitations, I love the spontaneous capture of images that it makes possible and the incredible convenience of carrying a fully equipped photo processing studio in my pocket.

Besides loving dreams–and the endless beauty of the natural world–I’m also a believer in the magic of the unseen world and the joys and possibilities of a magical life. I hope that my images and verse invite the viewer to, at least for a moment, suspend his or her disbelief, step away from the doubts and disappointments of ‘the real world’ and step into a world where magic is real and where dreams do come true.

I’ve been fortunate to have work featured in juried shows in galleries and online exhibits, and my images are available for purchase through Fine Art America or by contacting me directly.  In addition to my individual art work, my long-time friendship with artist Cher Odum flowered into a creative partnership combining Cher’s inspired and inspirational images and my poetry.

This collaborative work blends Cher’s beautifully unique art with my poetry which was inspired by them and is available for purchase at Cher The Art.

Recently Sold!

A Stormy Night_Print

“A Stormy Night” purchased by private buyer












“Fire Roses” featured–and sold–during a juried show at the NRC Gallery in Denver, CO.

Bubble blower playing to Central Park audience.

Pond dwellers outside a Santa Fe art gallery.

View of the New York City skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge.

  1. I’ve watched Dan discover and approach his gift of photography as pasionately as he does his writiing. When I first saw his photograph of the pond dwellers outside Santa Fe, I knew immediately I wanted to have a print of this. And when I did get it and hung it on my wall, I was really pleased. I love the colors, blue being my favorite. So I have to say, I’m the proud owner of “Blue Pisces.”

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