Published Writing

Borders Book Signing, Denver, CO.


Tricky Serum:  An Elixir of Poems by Dan Stone

The Rest Of Our Lives:  A Novel

Messages In A Bottle:  An Era of Transformation

Focus on the Fabulous:  Colorado GLBT Voices

Charmed Lives:  Gay Spirit in Storytelling

Rebel Yell:  Stories by Contemporary Southern Gay Authors


Cougar Dreams and the Power of Choosing

Wounded Healing: Exploring the Circle of Compassion in The Helping Relationship 

Queer Magazine Online

Taking A Bite Out Of Jealousy

Hungry Ghosts:  Ruminations on Fasting


The Fall

Tattoos and Torn Jeans 

Losing Touch 

Orion (At His Elbow)


  1. Hi, Dan i am trying to purchase your debut novel but i am having a hard time finding it in print.

    The rest of our lives sounds like the book i have been waiting a very long time to be written. Any info on how to get the print copy, can you help out a fellow pisces dreamer ?

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