Awareness Upgrades

Don’t be afraid to be amazing. –Andy Offutt Irwin

Although I doubt you’d guess it from looking at me, some of my ancestors were Vikings and in the Old Norse or Runic alphabet, letters were symbols with meanings connected to nature and natural cycles. The letter “S” for Sowelo is the symbol for the sun.

Sowelo stands for wholeness and healing, for success in the most complete sense—the success of a life lived well, a life characterized by growth, and illuminated by awareness and the warm embrace of possibility. It’s the symbol for a life that shines, where success isn’t just an outcome but a conscious process for discovering and creating your own unique story.

If I listen I can hear My Self, calling out to me . . . 

I like to call the intuitive readings that I offer Awareness Upgrades because that’s exactly what I intend them to be: my reading of some part of the story you’re telling with your life in a way that illuminates that story and helps you understand—and express– it in a way that feels more conscious and empowered.

Our time together is not just about clarifying the concerns, issues, thoughts or feelings you may be having but also about connecting more fully with the “You” who is having them and tapping into the limitless potential that “You” have to understand and resolve them. Illuminating and expanding your awareness of who you really are and of the freedom that you have to fully express that awareness is always at the heart of any reading that I offer.

Often these are ‘channeled’ readings—or (to turn a phrase) Danieled readings, because when I ‘channel’ I’m just passing along what I hear when I take the time to stop and ask questions I care about–and then listen mindfully to the answers. Danieling is invoking the Meity, one of the infinite many, the collective Us who are tuned in, tapped in, and turned on to that stream of well being always flowing and always accessible whenever we allow ourselves to let it in.

The curious paradox is that when I accept myself as I am, then I can change. — Carl Rogers

Who, what, where or how would you rather be? What’s at the heart of what matters to you right here and now? Where do you need clarity? Inspiration? Encouragement? How can you start to get from where you are to where you’d like to be? My objective is to offer practical and empowering encouragement that always points in the direction of your own personal connection to Source or Spirit.

The Awareness Upgrade that I offer is based on my conviction that we each create our own reality, either consciously or unconsciously—and on my firm belief in the power of Law of Attraction: that we draw to us those experiences that match how we think and feel, and what we are giving our attention to, as well as my sense that often we carry limiting beliefs or blocks that prevent us from receiving the fullness of joyful experience that LOA assures is ours when we are in agreement and aligned with our dreams and desires.

Think of me as an eagerly supportive reader of your story, here to ask the questions that will challenge you and to offer insights that will inspire and encourage you to identify and release those blocks, to find and follow the guidance that is always within you. Get in touch with me today for more information or to arrange a consultation.


Your words to me were not only helpful but also healing. Things are changing with my situation as you said they would. —Chrissie, Denver, CO

I brought to Dan concerns I had about my career . . . he shared background information with me that I had not discussed with him prior to our conversation. I left our session feeling uplifted and most importantly, having a new way to think about my current circumstances. —Bill V., Learning Consultant, NJ

Your reading really left me with a good feeling! What was shown to you, the positive nature of what I do each day, and the power behind it, is something I’ll have to remember and go back to on those days when I’m not feeling it so much. Very helpful indeed! —Howard, Phoenix, AZ

Receiving the message from my late husband, through Dan, was exactly the message I needed to hear to help me move through a lot of emotional baggage. It also enabled me to begin to see things in a new light and let go of a lot of built up anger and feelings of loss. —Cher, Gaston, OR

I recently asked Dan to offer his services in regard to my mother who passed away last year. Dan’s words gave me great relief and a sense of peace immediately. —Johanna, Denver, CO

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  1. Dan, I enjoyed reading this a great deal. I am curious about what you know about Norse. I think this post of mine is Norse inspired. I just wrote it up one day and I didn’t check out any of the allusions – or characters in this piece but I am fascinated by the Book of Runes, I can read them backwards in my mind. The Ralph Blum edition is great poetry. How are you? Scotty

    Here is the link to the Norse piece. I am not sure what I made up but I couldn’t change if i wanted to. I am so lazy. 🙂

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