The Deliberate Creator’s Prayer

My Mother and Father . . .  my Maker . . . Infinite and unlimited Source . . .  All That Is and All That I AM .  .  .  Creator within as without, I honor and welcome you.  What dreams may come, let them be done.  Let me see and believe that I have no need, that all I ask for is given, on Earth as it is in Heaven.

‘Wisdom’ and Other Words To Live By From a Wet-Behind-The Ears Oracle

May I release the fears and the judgments that hold me apart from myself and others.  May I remember who I AM . . .  receive the warm and loving embrace of joy, of the wellbeing that abounds.  May I see and hear and feel and know and express and manifest the wonder, the magic, the love and the light . . .  the Creator in Me.

For mine—and ours—is the ever expanding kingdom, and the power, and the grace and the gift and the glory, forever and ever.

So it is.  So I AM.  Blessing and blessed be.


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