Reinventing A Blog

“Life’s a dream, then we wake up.” – D.S.

Writing as “The Shower Channel” was a wonderful experience.  It changed my life in significant ways and it was both fun and gratifying.  But I’ve been feeling the desire to take a slightly different turn with my work as a writer, a photographer, and an intuitive consultant.

The theme for this web site from the beginning has been dreams.  Mine.  Yours.  Ours.  Dreams in the literal, ‘Now-I-lay-me-down-to-sleep’ sense and dreams in the larger sense of those journeys we want to take in our so-called waking lives.

The more I thought about my desire to take my blog in a different direction, the more the notion of dreams showed up front and center.   When I came across the word ‘dreamography’elsewhere it had that “Aha!” look and feel to it, so even though I didn’t coin the term, I decided to use it—or at least a variation of it.  Hence, the premiere of Dreamographies, a blog that will be about dreams in every sense of the word and that will incorporate a variety of ways of exploring and expressing the geography—the soul terrain—that we call our dreams.

Variety turns me on, so I will taking diverse approaches to these Dreamographies:  prose and poetry (mine and others’), photography and other art work, interviews, essays, etc.  And I will continue to offer from time to time, channeled material (‘Danellings’) from that always shining, oh-so-elevated collective connection to Source/Spirit formerly referred to as The Shower Team—newly dubbed “The Dreams Team” (They approved the name change).

I invite you to join me on this journey and to participate in my process.  Share your dreams (literal or not so literal), your own ideas and take on the lucidities disguised as symbol and story and personal mythology that occupy so much of our conscious and semi-conscious lives.

If you have questions about your dreams for me or for The Team, get in touch.  If you come across an article, a poem, an idea or an image that you love pertaining to dreams, please share it.  If you’d like to talk to me about working with you on some level to explore or to move toward your dreams, let me hear from you.   At the very least, I hope that you will subscribe to Dreamographies and accompany me on the quest.

Got dreams?


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