Tall Trees and Shaky Ladders

'Wisdom' and Other Words To Live By From a Wet-Behind-The Ears Oracle

I had a dream some time ago where I was on a ladder that was positioned next to a very tall tree so that I could reach out and selectively pick different varieties of branches and leaves and flowers and hold them in my hand.  But as I was reaching for these bunches of leaves and flowers I became very aware of how shaky the ladder felt and that I was very nervous about falling. 

In the dream, I asked The Shower Team if it would be possible for me to be up at that height and to feel absolute confidence in the ladder supporting me, to know that it would hold and that I was in no danger of falling.  In the dream I heard Them say that I could absolutely get myself to such a place of certainty and self assurance where I could reach for anything that I wanted without fear of failing or falling, that I could know that I was always supported, no matter what I was reaching for.

The dream stayed with me, and so I later asked The Team to elaborate on the subject of shaky ladders—and how to get over my fear of reaching for the heights.

When you stand in your now, reaching for something that you want and you suddenly feel shaky or uncertain or worried about whether you can effectively reach the object of your desire, you have either temporarily forgotten what you know—which is that nothing you want is ever truly out of reach—or you have not practiced enough the belief that you are always supported in your reaching for anything that you desire.

In the dream you experienced, the shaky ladder represents on some level what you are allowing yourself to know or believe about you.  That feeling of the ladder being wobbly or unreliable or unsecured is your perception of you not having what it takes—or more precisely—you’re not being entirely worthy of what it is that you are reaching for.

This kind of uncertainty or insecurity or doubt is always a lapse of memory on your part, or some temporary focusing of your attention away from what you know about yourself when you are seeing You clearly—that is, seeing you through your connection to Source.  You cannot look at yourself through the eyes of Source and feel doubtful or nervous or shaky in your conviction that anything you want is available to you.  You cannot look at yourself through the eyes of Source and feel anything but worthy and capable and confident that the Universe will yield to you whatever your heart desires.

So when these feelings are present . . . when the ladder you are standing on feels wobbly or unsupported . . ..   you need only find a way to remind yourself that you are never alone in your reaching, that the always benevolent, always supportive forces of the Universe are all around you, holding you up, providing the safe and secure platform from which anything  you are reaching for is yours to have. 

How do you remember this when the shaky or wobbly ladders is what is most on your mind?  The approach is always the same—to look around at anything that offers you relief or a reason to relax back into what you know.  Scan your environment for cues and clues and evidence of how you are supported.  Reach for memories that provide reassuring reminders that all is well and that things usually work out for you.  Look around for any indication of your being where you need to be, and of your desires coming to you in the way and in the time that works best for you.

Recognize that it is always what you know or believe about you that provides the foundation for what you are able to ask for and receive.  If your ladder feels shaky as you are reaching out toward the tree branches for something that you want, take some time to remember any and every success that you have experienced in your past . . . Take the time to review all the reasons that you have for believing that you are capable and deserving of your dreams and desires.  Allow yourself the time to practice feeling strong and secure, collecting evidence of that fact and then relaxing into the knowledge—the view—of you that is a match to the You that Source always sees.

Finally—and perhaps most important—allow yourself to remember and to know that in fact, you can never really fall or fail.  Your fears about this are always illusions.  The vulnerability that you feel in any situation is never more than an indication that you have turned your attention in the opposite direction from what You know.  As soon as you focus again on the well being that You know is always flowing, your fear is what falls away, leaving you free to joyfully and confidently reach for whatever height you are aspiring to.

I’ve always had a fear of unenclosed heights and of ladders in particular—so The Team knows that this is a tricky topic for me.  But, curiously perhaps, I also love to be up in high places with awesome views of nature or city skylines.  I love the thrill of looking down from some safe height, taking in the sights and sounds of a world that from that vantage point always feels more like mine for the taking.

The message here seems to be that I have seen the shaky ladder and it is me.  So now I guess I need to go looking for those reminders that I’m not nearly as wobbly as I sometimes let myself believe—or maybe just keep telling myself that I’m never up there without a net.


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  1. scullylovepromo

    What a great blog! That Shower Team sure is spiritually & emotionally intelligent and profound! I love what you wrote here and it came to me at the perfect time too. Thank you Dan!

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