Evidence of Me

DanonVacationThat’s not who you are
someone said to me–
he seemed too sure.
You don’t show who you are,
someone else said–
he seemed perplexed

I checked the mirror for a clue
but there was no reflection
offering a cue or hint
of who was looking back
or what was true
I couldn’t tell

Another said, it changes
with the light,
the way your irises
engage your sweater.
No wonder they’re confused.
I empathized.
I wondered what to do . . .
how to get me coming through
so that I’m seen . . .
so there’s no doubt

I note what seems
to be the solid forms
of those who mill about me.
They must know the means
for making themselves clear.
They must understand
what makes a point of view
a point that’s fixed,
that doesn’t move,
that’s dense enough
to hold onto.

I tell myself
it’s all in the eyes–
the ones beholding.
I trust the audience
to find what resonates.
I take some comfort
in that sort of prayer.
It’s reassuring,
like a train you know
will be arriving,
a hope that I’ll be found
where someone’s looking.
I’ll be then and there . . .
in the flesh and blood,
some evidence of me
filling up the senses,
the substance of me
in good hands,
willingly unfolding.


About Dan

Published novelist, poet, essayist, copywriter, photographer and college educator. Visit me at www.firstadream.com.

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