ASK THE SHOWER TEAM: How Do I Find The Resources To Do What I Want To Do?


'Wisdom' and Other Words To Live By From a Wet-Behind-The Ears Oracle

'Wisdom' and Other Words To Live By From a Wet-Behind-The Ears Oracle

Q:  I’m having trouble finding my balance, and keeping my attention in a place that feels good, by letting various conditions control how I feel.   How can I more easily connect and be open to the flow of happiness, in any situation without giving up on my desires?  How do I figure out how to have the resources to do what I want to do?



A:  There is a sense here of your strong desire for material or physical abundance and comfort, for a feeling of tangible success that will afford you the freedom you seek.  It is a sense that you desire very much to advance, to ascend in a way, to a next level of understanding that will yield results to you in terms of your ability to manifest what you desire.

There is also a sense of your working—trying—very hard to experience this movement.  There is almost the feel of a battle waging, where you are somewhat in conflict with yourself, actually fighting yourself and operating, perhaps unconsciously, from the perspective that you must somehow win or otherwise earn what you’ve asked for.  There is considerable effort being put into this process and yet you do not feel satisfied with what you have achieved.

You ask, How can I simultaneously observe what is—and dislike what I see—and give my attention to my as yet unfulfilled desires?  The answer is a simple one—but also one that you and others have difficulty with because you have trained yourselves to focus primarily on whatever is causing you the most discomfort where you are.  Regardless of the many positive aspects that are always present in the moment—even in what seems to be the bleakest situation—there is a tendency to give most of your attention to what’s ‘wrong’ rather than what is desired and to ignore the things that are going well.

Making peace with where you are ‘feels’ like the hardest part of manifesting what you want, because when you look at where you are—and sometimes even when you look at where you want to be—what you feel is the lack of it, the absence of what you want.  It is the resistance, the pushing against what is, that keeps you in conflict with your desires.  As long as you are standing in your now, disapproving, you cannot at the same time be allowing what you want to flow freely into your experience.

So your first task is to try to release the resistance you feel to where you are.  That does not mean that you must like the conditions you’re observing, only that you must accept them with as little judgment as possible as where you are now—and remind yourself that you can go anywhere you desire from where you are.  Look for any and all positive aspects in your current situation.  They are always there if you look closely enough.

Then it is your task—and hopefully your joy—to give as much of your focus to your desire as you can—but only to the extent that focusing on that desire feels good.  If you doubt that you can receive what you’ve asked for . . .  if you believe yourself to be unworthy in some way. . .   then that desire feels unpleasant.  It can even torment you. But to the extent that you are able to make peace with where you are, to stop pushing against what is, to look at your current situation and say to yourself, “This is just what is” and find ways to soothe yourself about it, find the genuinely positive aspects of where you are, you release more of the resistance that holds you back from where you want to be.

Continually ask yourself, “How does my inner being, my highest, wisest self view where I am?” And then remember to address the “why” of your desires.  Remind yourself of the reasons why you want the things that you want.  How will you feel when you receive them?  How will your life look to you when those desires have been manifest?  Allow yourself to feel the joy, the satisfaction, the pride, the comfort, the pleasure of having what you want.

Nothing can keep it from you except the struggle to have it.  Practice relaxing as you stand in your now, observing where you are, and remember that it is the purity of your desire that propels you toward your dreams.

You are encouraged to relax your requirements for yourself.  Truly allow yourself to be okay with where you are.  Give yourself reasons to feel that what is, is temporary and that to the extent you can make peace with it, you will move forward.  Cease the struggle to get it right, and let the knowledge of who you really are bring you comfort and faith that all is well and getting better all the time.

I make no judgments about where I am.  I am at peace with what is, and I am enjoying and anticipating the fulfillment of my desire that I know is coming.  I know something good is coming.


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