Interview with The Shower Channel

'Wisdom' and Other Words To Live By From a Wet-Behind-The Ears Oracle

'Wisdom' and Other Words To Live By From a Wet-Behind-The Ears Oracle

Some time ago I had the privilege of being invited to appear on author Phil Harris’s Internet Blog Talk Radio show, “All Things That Matter“.  That interview was later published by All Things That Matter Press in a collection titled “Collected Messages: Guides for Personal Transformation,” featuring an impressive roster of teachers and writers all doing their part to contribute to an expansion of spiritual/self awareness for themselves and others.

According to Harris, “The image of the “create your own reality” gurus is one of the wealthy who are making millions from those individuals who are seeking greater control over their personal situations.  While they are making money, manyof the leading advocates of the new spirituality that is sweeping the world had humble beginnings, and sometimes came from poverty-ridden homes, suffered disabilities, and some were even abused. And now,  by following their own advice, they have created their own reality, and, while making money, they are also providing service to those who seek greater truths.

“The people I have interviewed,” Harris says, “are the future guests of the popular shows.  They are the ‘leaders behind the scenes,’ and are working hard, like most of us, to manifest a new vision for a new world.  Unlike many, they love what they do.  Their words, their songs and their commitment to creating a better, cleaner, healthier, and more loving world are obvious in the interviews, and in their written words.  They are out among you, helping to change the world one person at a time.”

I am posting excerpts of that interview here and if you enjoy what you read, I encourage you to get a copy of Collected Messages where you will surely find additional treasures to expand and enrich your own quest for whatever calls to you. 

Click here to read the interview with The Shower Channel.


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  1. philipfharris

    Thanks for the post, Dan! Your interview was very informative and inspiring-I hope many listen. And just a plug, visit if you want to see other other great books.

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