One More Time . . . What Is A Shower Channel?

'Wisdom' and Other Words To Live By From a Wet-Behind-The Ears Oracle

'Wisdom' and Other Words To Live By From a Wet-Behind-The Ears Oracle

The question has been asked and answered several times, so it’s perhaps a little odd that it’s being asked again—by me.

I don’t know that I can really improve upon previous explanations all that much.  Channeling is sort of a loaded term.  Some of my religious relatives and friends might hear it and start looking up exorcists in the yellow pages.  My New Age or pagan friends might assume that I slip into a trance state so that some alien or spiritual entity with an impressive otherworldly or other-than-my name can utter some truth that neither they nor I would have access to under ordinary conditions.  My atheistic, agnostic, or generally skeptical friends and colleagues express polite interest or amused indulgence–or just change the subject.

That’s partly why I started calling this process ‘Danelling’ instead of channeling.  As stated several times before both here and elsewhere, when I ‘channel’ I’m really just passing along what I hear when I take the time to stop and ask questions I care about–and then listen carefully and mindfully to the answers.  Any messages that follow from those questions are transcriptions from the Flow.  They are messages from the collective Me to me . . . from my Higher Self to my often ornery, intermittently clueless everyday self.  It’s something we all do on some level, now and then, when we’re being our best selves, when we’re speaking our truth, when we’re finding our own ways to shine.

Danelling is what I do when I write (the good stuff, at least), when I connect with someone—friend or client–in some way that leaves us both feeling better, when I understand something with a sweeter clarity than I had before.  Its just channeling Dan, but it’s the Dan whose mind is clear, whose heart is open, whose eye is always on the wide horizon, and whose tongue is always slightly in his cheek.

We/They don’t have a specific name because I prefer not to think of Us/Them as separate from me.  Anyone reading The Shower Channel who has also read the published work of others who channel will see obvious similarities.  Big shock–we all have access to the same Source of wisdom.  We can all ask questions and receive responses.  Some call it prayer.  Some call it meditation. ultimately, it’s about connection to who we all are from the broadest, most loving perspective.  It’s about remembering where we come from and where we’re going–having the best possible time along our way.

Danelling is invoking the Meity, one of the infinite many, the collective Us who are tuned in, tapped in, and turned on to that stream of well being always flowing and always accessible whenever we allow ourselves to let it in.  You can call Them/Us my guides, my speed dial to Spirit, my connection to Source.  I still like to call them my Shower Team, since that’s where I first started deliberately and consistently listening to Them and where We still enjoy some of our best uninterrupted chats.  There’s nothing sinister or satanic about the process and it’s not as freaky as it may sound.  And even if it were, They/We don’t care as long as They/We get to keep playing this joyful game called my life.

I haven’t been doing much blogging lately, in part because I’ve been focused on other work and in part because, frankly, I got tired of the questions I was asking. The ever-patient, ever-responsive Shower Team would apparently indulge ad infinitum my queries about manifesting more money and a quality relationship and whatever else I was continually wanting–but I got tired of hearing myself go on about it all the time.  Interestingly, many of the sought-after improvements in my life started showing up sometime after I stopped writing about how to get them to show up. Go figure.

I also discovered that I really don’t aspire to be a guru.  In fact, it started getting on my nerves when sincere seekers looked to me for answers to the same questions I kept asking myself over and over, even though it’s an understandable impulse.  We all seem to believe that someone else can put a spin on ‘truth’ that will serve us better than anything we can come up with ourselves. Someone else surely has a clearer peek at the big picture or some insider information on how it turns out in the end–or maybe just a fresh slant on the same old story.

I chatted with the Team and I/We agreed to start mixing it up a bit for the blog.  Sometimes we’ll offer fairly straightforward ‘Danelled’ questions and answers as in previous blogs.  Sometimes I’ll indulge in a topical rant or some sort just because I can.  Sometimes I will offer a poem or an excerpt from my novel or an essay or short story I’m especially happy with–every bit as ‘Danneled’ as any blog from ‘on high’.  Occasionally I’ll even indulge in some act of shameless self–or worthy other’s–promotion, or post an interview with someone whose work or perspective I want to share, if only for grins and giggles.

The Shower Team is cool with all that.  I hope any of my friends who choose to spend time here will be as well. 

Dream on.


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