It’s Just A Dream–Wake Up!

Not too long ago I had one of those dreams bordering on a nightmare where I was being chased by this menacing figure who was clearly out to do me harm.  I’ve forgotten most of the scary details except that I was running fast and hard and it wasn’t helping.  He was closing in on me, wielding some sort of weapon that he obviously planned to use on me as soon as he was within firing range or chopping distance . . . 

I remember the panicked feeling, the intense fear and dread-the knowing that something horrible was going to happen to me.  I ran harder and faster but to no avail.  He caught up with me and just as he was starting to make some lethal move on me, something unprecedented happened.  I realized in the middle of that dream-that it was just a dream.  I remember saying it to myself even as I waited for my would-be assassin to move in for the kill.  

“This is a just a dream,” I said to myself in the dream.  “I can wake up.”  And I did. 

It made me wonder about the other dreams we’re all having-the one we call our lives.  Is it possible to do in that dream what I did in my nasty nightmare?  Can we suddenly realize that this experience we’re having that feels so crappy-is really just a dream?  That we can just wake up? 

We realize that “Duh!” does not sound like a particularly sensitive or richly-textured reply to your question from the nonphysical perspective that is ours . . .  and so even though we pretty much mean “Duh!” we’ll offer a bit more than that. 

What you call your ‘real life’ . . .  the bits and pieces, the fragments, the ups and downs, the highs and lows  . . .  in a very ‘real’ sense, none of it is any more real at any time than you are perceiving it to be. 

You will say, “But that bus that hit me really hurt . . . ”   or “That cretin who robbed me at gunpoint really left me in a bad way . . . ”   And while we will readily agree that those are unpleasant, uncomfortable situations to say the least . . .  and while we would not suggest that you did not actually experience the event(s) that you say you experienced . . .  we would nonetheless offer to you that those experiences felt the way they felt or continue to feel the way they feel because of how you choose to perceive them.  And what’s more-you can alter that perspective significantly at anytime you choose. 

You may say, “But if I’d hadn’t been looking at something else to begin with, I wouldn’t have been hit by the bus . . . ”  And we say, “Exactly.”  By the time you realized-assuming that you did-that you were going to be hit by the bus, it was pretty much too late to have much influence over the course of that event.  But had you been paying attention to what you were paying attention to prior to stepping in front the bus, you more than likely would have taken some different steps. 

The real point we are trying to make here is that it is always your perception that is key, no matter what is going down or what set of circumstances have been created by you.  No matter how dire they may seem, there is almost always something you can do about how dire it feels-you can realize that most if not all of what is happening to you is a result of how you are perceiving your life.  It is the lens through which you are choosing to view whatever it is you are looking at. 

Just as in your dream, you can remember-if you want to-that nothing is ‘real’ in the sense that it cannot be seen in a different way-and therefore experienced in a different way.  You really do have that much power over your own life experience.  You can always stop the tape that’s running or the movie that’s playing.  You can always eject that perspective and put another one in. 

It’s true that by the time the bus is a few feet away from you, there’s not as much you can do.  You’ve set those wheels in motion, so to speak, and at that stage of the dream, it is extremely difficult to dramatically alter the outcome.  However, you CAN develop a greater awareness of the ways that you set up those nightmares long before they get so seemingly out of control.  You can remember that you do get to decide the content of the dream that you call your life.  You create it . . .  you direct it . . .  and you can change it whenever and however you choose, provided you are willing to make the effort. 

We will be the first to agree with you that you often don’t or won’t make that effort-simply because you’ve grown so accustomed to whatever dream you’ve been dreaming.  The effort itself is not really that odious.  It’s just a matter of practicing a different viewpoint, but most of you have gotten so used to whatever viewpoint you’ve been practicing that it ‘seems’ like a huge undertaking to get a new point of view really rolling.   

But be that as it may, we promise you that you are the one in charge of what you’re seeing-and therefore the one in charge of the movie you’re starring in.  No one else has his or her finger on the button that controls what’s playing for you.  Your life REALLY is your call. 

If you don’t like what you’re seeing-or what’s happening to you-remember that it is YOUR dream.  And remember that you can wake up! 

Well duh.  Sometimes I wonder if The Team gets tired of finding ways to tell us what we already know in some way that will make it feel like it’s news. 

I just remember how powerful, how in command, I felt when I somehow had the awareness within my own scary dream to recognize that I was dreaming-and that I could wake up if I wanted.  I wasn’t fated or doomed to suffer some dire consequence-although it certainly could have gone a very different way in that dream. 

That time, at least, I remembered I could wake up.  So I woke up.  And even if I don’t have quite that positive an outcome in every part of every dream to come . . .  I won’t forget that one time, when I did remember-and did something about it.   For now, it leaves me dreaming a dream that feels much more fun to dream-and that is all mine to complete.


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