Go To Your Dreams: Allowing As A Lifestyle (Repost)

I continue to sit in the middle of questions lately about, for lack of a less over-used term, manifestation. Like most people I talk to about spiritual matters, I seem to be as fixated as the next guru on how to give form to my dreams, how to make them real—that is, how to get the stuff I want.

Clearly I’d never make it as a Buddhist. So as I sit here stewing once again in my impatient wondering about how to get from here to there and how to walk the talk . . . I talked again to The Shower Team about how to live my dream rather than just living with it . . .

What most of you do the moment that you return to conscious awareness every morning is to begin to throw your attention at the things that you remember from the day before that did not please you or to aim your attention at the things you anticipate in the day ahead that will not please you or to scatter your attention among the many things going on in your experience that do not please you . . . . And as a result you immediately begin to pinch off or to disallow the well being that is available to you for that day—even before your feet hit the floor.

Allowing or alignment is not a band-aid you slap on over a cut or scrape. It is not a pill you pop or an ointment you apply or a shot you take in the hopes that your life will immediately or soon thereafter snap back into shape. Allowing is not a step or two (or twelve) that you can follow for a while and then forget about. It is not a process that you can play with for a few days or weeks and then be done with. Allowing and alignment with your desires is a lifestyle—and for most of you, a lifestyle change. It is the difference between a crash diet before a vacation and fundamentally altering the way you approach food for the rest of your physical lifetime. It is a way of being and it is the way that we so want you to choose to be because as you ‘be’ that way, then all the well ‘Be’ing thatabounds can flow so freely to you . . . and all that you desire—that is part of that ever-flowing stream of well ‘Be’ing can flow to you . . . or more specifically, you can flow toward it as you continue to make the choice that “well” is how you are going to be on all fronts.

We really want you to get a sense of the way that your life is a perceptual field of possibilities always competing for your attention. At any given moment there are multiple, countless options available to you in terms of where you beam your focus, what you throw your attention at and therefore, countless options available to you in terms of how you can feel about your life at any given moment. If you understand that how you are perceiving . . . what you are choosing to look at and how you are choosing to respond to the object of your attention is always—ALWAYS—determining how you are feeling—and that what you are thinking and how you are feeling are always a match to what you are experiencing . . . then you begin to understand the critical importance of choosing your focus consciously and deliberately with your sole aim being to feel as good as you possibly can about whatever you are focused upon.

We hear you pooh pooh much of this sort of talk as pollyannaish or as fluffy positive thinking drivel and we hear you offer instead what sounds to us like the real drivel when you go on about the value or importance of being “realistic” or being “practical” or facing what is. And we continue to offer to you the idea that “what is” only is because that’s what you or others have given your attention to and so “it is” because you keep noticing it. As soon as you withdraw your attention from what is, it no longer “is” in the sense that you are no longer noticing or observing or caring or being particularly affected by it.

What we would so much like to see you do is to come to an understanding of the abundance, the wellness, the prosperity, the love, the passion, the satisfaction, the fulfillment, the success—the boundless and infinite joy and possibility that is ALWAYS in front of you if you will just allow yourself to notice it. It is a decision you can make anytime under any conditions—to give your attention to what feels better.

We would love for you to just try—just try—waking up in the morning and instead of letting your thoughts meander toward the least pleasant or most difficult or most worrisome thoughts available to you . . . for you to decide—to make a conscious choice—to flow your thoughts in the direction of anything you can think of that pleases you. We would encourage you, as soon as your eyes flutter open in your bed, to begin to consciously decide the direction of your thoughts.

Consciously throw your attention in the direction of an idea that provokes eagerness or anticipation or joy . . . Begin to wonder what wondrous and satisfying and surprising things might come your way that day. Begin to ponder the fun you could have, the satisfaction you might experience, the pleasure that could be available to you at work or play. Begin to imagine your day going beautifully. Begin to imagine yourself being joyful and content and engaged and satisfied . . . Literally decide as you lay there in your bed, fresh from your dreams, that it WILL be a good day.

You’ve practiced not doing this for most of your physical lifetime and we would, somewhat respectively, ask “How’s that working for you?” And then we would, also somewhat respectively, suggest that you not knock this alternative we are offering until you have tried it. Go to your dreams as frequently and fervently as you’ve gone elsewhere. . . give it a shot. All you’ve really got to lose is your lack of progress toward those dreams, in our admittedly not so humble opinion.

Well somebody thinks pretty highly of Themselves. Is it just me or am I getting wonderfully varied renderings of the same answer to my question? I wonder how many rounds I/We could go and keep getting yet another response that is basically telling me to do what I already know to do but keep hoping I can somehow get a shortcut around.

Somehow the idea to “Go to my dreams” . . . has just a fresh enough feel to it to intrigue me. I don’t have to get hit over the head (much) to get the point. So I will give it a shot and let you know how it goes. Just having that much of a plan feels enough like progress to keep me in the game for another round, and to let me feel, for the moment, playfully complete.


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