Save the Saving, Love the Living

A good friend of mine told me some time ago that he had, for most of his life, been laboring under the assumption that he was here on Earth to somehow make it a better place. That is, he had assumed that it was/is his life purpose to improve life on this planet or in some way to fix some broken aspect of it. But then a teacher of his argued that life on this planet and the planet itself and all the presumably miserable masses were in fact doing quite well and in no need of saving.

My friend said that it was a crushing blow. If he wasn’t here to save someone or something, what possible reason could there be for his existence?

On the flip side of that question seems to be the never-ending worries, stresses, concerns, frustrations, causes, and crusades that we are continually giving our attention to and the ways that we are so often twisting ourselves into knots to try to fix or solve or correct or conserve or save ourselves or our neighbors or our planet. We’re always worried about something.

So I wondered if my friend’s teacher was speaking some truth—are we really fussing and fretting about the condition of our community or our nation or our race or our planet needlessly? I asked The Shower Team, if we’re not here to save ourselves or each other . . . to right some wrong or solve some problem or mend some mistake . . . then what ‘are’ we supposed to be concerned about?

The fact of the matter is that most of the things you think are so important in your life experience really don’t matter all that much—and in fact, this is one of the things that becomes so immediately and perfectly—and even amusingly—clear when you transition back to nonphysical. You recognize then how very little most of the things you worried about really mattered and what a big messy deal you made out of so many things that ultimately had very little to do with your happiness.

We will from time to time try to suggest this to you with the intention being to get you to ease up some on the punishment you so persistently inflict upon yourselves in your efforts to make things better or to make things the way you think they should be or to make yourself somehow better than you think you are.

But we also realize how profoundly you have absorbed the message that it is your actions that determine the value of your experience, no matter how many times we suggest that it is, rather, your alignment with who you really are that is the source of your joy in this or any other lifetime. We would love for you to gain even a little bit of understanding that your actions really only serve you when they are inspired by the lining up of your energy with your desires . . . but the voices telling you otherwise have been loud and legion.

So rather than try to change your minds about how to go about living truly joy-filled lives or to reverse the effects of all the training you have received that has convinced you that you must somehow improve yourselves or your world in order to justify your existence . . . . we more often opt for those opportunities where we can simply help you to soothe some of that stress . . . and offer you a gentler approach to the obtaining of the happiness that you all acknowledge as your ultimate objective.

We would love to see you work less, play more, laugh louder, love more freely, trust more easily . . . and on and on . . . We would love to see you come to a fuller understanding and perception of yourselves as perfect the way you are and of your world as perfectly fine and in no need of your help to survive or thrive. . .

Most of all, we would love for you to see the power that you have to make your life go the way that you want it go . . . to choose the nature and degree and direction of your joy . . . and to systematically follow your bliss toward any dream that you dream.

We would also love for you to see that no matter where you are, or what you’ve done or what you’re fearing or fretting about or what you’re wishing or longing for or what you’re worrying or stressing about . . . that you are part of a stream of wondrous well being that so prevails and so dominates your Universe that no matter how ‘wrong’ you think things have gone or how ominous you think the outlook may be . . that nothing you or anyone else does can ever truly wreck or ruin or even seriously damage the well being that flows.

And that even if you spend your life, inexplicably struggling to make your experience as difficult or painful as possible . . . you, like everyone else will soon enough withdraw your attention from that struggle and find yourself right back in the blessed thick of bliss . . . amused by your forgetfulness and your attempts to control what never really mattered much to begin with . . . amazed at the perfection of the stream that flows and your place in it and the expansion that has followed from even what you would have considered the worst of your experience.

We would love for you to know what we know that you already know even when you are not letting yourselves know it . . . that all is truly well . . that you are loved beyond measure . . that you are powerfully creative and masterfully loving and eternal beings whose adventures get better and better and brighter and brighter and that from that broader perspective, you are in the midst of the most perfect and precious experience that you could ever have . . . and from that broader perspective, no matter how it looks on the surface, you are loving every minute of it.

So . . . one might surmise then that the admonition “don’t sweat the small stuff” applies as much to our little planet as to the little worries that orbit our daily lives. Another expression about climbing down from the cross so we can make better use of the wood also comes to mind.

I confess that the notion that no one or nothing needs saving is pretty jarring to little ole’ Pisces me. Whatever will I do with my martyr self if I decide that life on the planet is proceeding quite nicely without my help, thank you.

It’s a curious notion. No wonder The Team offers it sparingly. Imagine the potential hit to the salvation industries. It’s on oddly compelling idea that makes me wonder if just maybe, I might be way more complete than I imagined.


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