The Power of “I Did This”

Not long ago a new friend was sharing some of the details of his life story with me, sharing experiences that would have left many if not most people feeling like they were the victims of a rather cruel or at least, indifferent, Universe. To his credit, he didn’t feel that way or agree with those who might take such a view, but it reminded me of some times in my own life where I’ve heard the words “Why me??” come out of my mouth, times when I’ve felt like the butt of a perverse joke or perhaps, just wondered how something so crappy could happen to such a cool guy as me?

I’ve thrown my share of tantrums about the seemingly unjust or unfair occurrences in my own life and I’ve certainly felt as astonished as anyone else at the seemingly undeserved misfortunes of others. So I asked The Shower Team to give me their take on those “cruel injustices” . . . those bewildering, blindsiding rolls of the dice that so often leave us at a loss for making any sense of our unbelievable bad luck.

We frequently offer to you the message that you are so free, you can choose bondage, and one of the reasons we continue to hit that point so hard is that it speaks to the nature of the Universe and your place in it. One of the truths that so many of you still resist or refuse to really hear or believe is that there are no accidents, no mistakes, no cosmic screw-ups, no flukes, no random strikes against an unlucky or karmically challenged few.

The truth is that nothing can or has or will ever happen to you that is not a match to what you are thinking or feeling on some level or—in other words—to what is going on in your vibration. What comes to you is always—ALWAYS—a match to you in some way, even if you cannot easily identify how that is so. Nothing can assert itself into your experience without your having somehow attracted or invited it, however unconsciously or unintentionally.

You often rebel against this notion, choosing instead to hold a view of yourselves as being at the mercy of Universal forces that operate according to principles that are somehow beyond your comprehension. You often choose a perspective that casts you in the role of helpless victim or puppet or pawn. This view allows you to cling to your anger or sorrow or bitterness or helplessness . . . it allows you to blame anyone or anything other than yourselves for the experiences you are having. And of course, there is the benefit of that to you in terms of letting you off the hook . . . You cannot hold yourself responsible for these mysterious and terrible or even frustrating or worrisome events if they all happen outside your sphere of influence.

However, we will continue to argue that your premise about all that is exceedingly flawed. We will continue to offer to you the view that YOU are indeed the authors of your own experience, the creators of your own reality. We will continue to suggest to you that anything that comes into your—or anyone else’s—experience, no matter how unspeakably unfair or horrifying or mystifying it may seem—none of it ever comes except as a result of the vibration you are offering—of what you are either consciously or unconsciously focused upon.

We continue to offer this view to you because ultimately it the only view that is an accurate view of the power you have to create your lives. While we understand the sobering effect that can result from your understanding of this . . . the even shocking acknowledgement that you somehow did it—whatever it is—to yourself . . . We maintain that it is only in the acknowledging of that, that you also come to recognize the power you have to influence what comes into your experience.

When you reach the place where you can begin to see and accept that you are the one in charge of what happens to you . . . that it is through the vibration YOU offer to the Universe that your experiences are fashioned and formed and delivered to you . . . then you can begin your real work: which is to start to more consciously and deliberately direct your thoughts in a way that invites more of what you want to come to you.

You cannot effectively shape your life as long as you choosing to see what happens to you as outside your influence. It is only when you begin to see and accept the crucial connection between what you think and feel and what you experience, that you begin to see yourself as the powerful creator of that experience that you really are.

You will often challenge this perspective with questions such as “Why would I ever choose this terrible thing that has come?” or “What sane person would ever invite such awful things to happen?” Or you will insist that what has come to you . . . whatever calamity or misfortune or crime or loss or catastrophe . . . was just your rotten luck or just the whim of an inexplicable cosmos . . . once again leaving yourselves in a place of powerlessness where your only recourse is to console yourself and each other with lamentations about what a cruel and senseless world it can be.

And we say that the only real cruelty in any of that is the cruelty of inflicting upon yourself such a bleak and helpless view when the opposite is true. You can stand in the middle of any misery . . . and from that point you can begin to make different choices about what you see and how you see it . . . and as you begin to shift your focus . . . to modify your perspective . . . to see the power that you have to shape your view, no matter how terrible the things you have been seeing . . . then and only then do you begin to see the real picture of who YOU really are.

When you stand there looking at whatever it is you’ve created for yourself . . . and you can finally say, “I did this” and say it without blame or recrimination (which is how Source always see it) . . . even say it without making yourself nutty with worry about ‘how’ you did it . . . when you can look at the conditions that you’ve attracted into your experience and say, “Yes I did that” and follow it up with the equally true statement: “But I can do it differently.” Then you have come home to the realization of how truly powerful you are. For it is in the moment of recognition that you ARE the creator of your experience that you also recognize the unlimited power you have to create it in whatever way you like.

It is your choice. It is up to you. It is your call. You did it. You can do it differently. You WILL continue to do it . . . whether you admit it to yourself or not. So why not do it as purposefully and powerfully as you possibly can?

Leave it to The Shower Team to turn the simple act of taking responsibility into a pep rally. Sometimes I remember with a certain nostalgia the time of my life when I believed that the events of my life were determined and managed by someone or something bigger and wiser and way beyond my control or comprehension. It was easier somehow to just throw up my hands then and say there’s just nothing I can do.

Sometimes I still have difficulty connecting some of what wanders into my experience with what wanders through my mind . . . but more and more those connections become clearer. And more important, more and more I catch glimpses of the power that lurks behind my recognition of the ways that I really do write my own life story.

I may not be able to accurately account for every plot twist along the way, but I am learning more all the time about the extent to which what happens to the main character in my story is up to me. And that leaves me feeling strangely and powerfully in charge of me . . . and for the moment, purposefully complete.


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