My New Friends, Fear and Doubt

Most of us would probably agree that fear and doubt are not at the top of the list of things we love to feel. When I’m afraid or when I’m experiencing doubt, I literally feel it in my gut—sometimes to the point of stomach or digestive symptoms that you’d just as soon not hear about.

I feel myself clenching . . . I feel the tension of not trusting myself or the knotting of those faith muscles that seriously restrict movement and the flow of energy inside and outside. They basically shut me down.

All good reasons to loathe the buggers, right? Fear and doubt and all their ilk should be banished like the pests, like the plague that they are. We’d all be better off without them, yes?

Always question your assumptions, especially when asking The Shower Team . . .

Your desire to eliminate fear and doubt or any other uncomfortable feelings from your emotional repertoire would be similar to a desire to remove half the signs and mile markers from your highways . . . or perhaps more precisely, it is your wanting to shoot the messenger because you don’t care for the message.

Although we understand that these emotions are uncomfortable for you, it is your discomfort in their presence that is their service—indeed, their gift—to you. For it is the discomfort that you feel which you label as fear or doubt that is your guidance, your ever-reliable indicator that you are not pointed in the direction of your desires. Every time you turn in a direction that is different from who You really are or from where you truly desire to be . . . there are immediate indicators, immediate signals conveying to you that you are off course, that you have removed yourself from the path that leads to where you want to be . . . and that you are no longer going with the flow that carries you to your dreams and desires.

The tension in your gut, the clenching of your muscles, the heaviness or the knots that you feel in your stomach, the constriction and limitation that you find so uncomfortable, are all signals to you that you are no longer seeing things from the perspective of who You really are. What you label as fear or doubt or worry or anxiety is the clearest possible guidance saying to you, “Hey! You’re pointed in the wrong direction. What you want is over here!”

Your desire to inoculate or numb yourself to that guidance, while understandable on some level, is both pointless (as long as you’re still flesh and blood) and counter to what you really want—which is to know how to get to where you want to be. So rather than shooting the messenger, we would encourage you to pay greater attention to the message—and to adjust your navigation in relation to where your heart, your connection to Source, is calling you.

Notice the tremendous relief that you feel when fear or doubt are replaced with a sense of relaxation . . . Notice how good you feel when you manage to turn your attention away from what is worrying or bothering you . . . That relief—that feeling of relaxation—is you coming back into alignment with You. It is you letting yourself let go of the need to push against whatever you think you should not be experiencing or feeling . . . and recognizing that nothing you want is in the direction that you were heading when your stomach was in knots.

As long as you continue to label your negative emotions as foes and to blame them for bringing you discomfort you are continuing to miss the point of their value to you, similar to the way a good friend often tells you something that you don’t want to hear but that you later realize was exactly the message that helped you to move to a better feeling place.

We don’t blame you for disliking the discomfort that you call fear or doubt or whatever other label you apply to negative emotion, but we would encourage you to, rather than fighting the feelings, adjust your response in a way that allows you to acknowledge their service to you and to more quickly and easily shift your attention in the better-feeling direction that these friends, fear and doubt, are always nudging you toward.

At least They didn’t tell me to start chanting, “I love my fear and doubt, I love my fear and doubt . . . “

I do love the feeling of relaxation that comes when I’m no longer at a standoff with them. In fact that kind of relief sort of reminds me of make-up sex . . . almost worth the anger or frustration that preceded it.

We hear a lot about letting our hearts lead, but maybe there’s also something to be said for giving our stomachs their say. When those knots finally dissolve, the road ahead always seems a little less frightening . . . and a lot more inviting.

The idea of making friends with those former foes may take some getting used to, but if it cuts down on my Pepto Bismol bill, it will be worth it for the way that it leaves me feeling better in my belly, more willing to appreciate the guidance I’ve been getting, and for the moment, complete.


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