Hello Again It’s You

One of my favorite songs by a favorite singer is Basia’s “New Day For You.” An audio clip of it plays on my MySpace page (see the link on the sidebar), where you can hear some of the lyric:

“Hello again it’s me . . .
“Your shoulder’s where I sit . . .
“The half nobody sees . . .
“Of a silent partnership . . . “
“My words, you’ve heard them all before . . . “
“If only for the sake of love . . . “

I was thinking about those words again recently after a period where it seemed like I wasn’t hearing from The Team quite so clearly or frequently. Very uncoincidentally I’m sure, it was also a period where I was fretting a good deal over a number of different matters and concerns—often getting myself pretty worked up over whatever it was I was fixated on at the time.

It took a while but I slowly found myself starting to relax again about some of those concerns . . . not trying quite so hard to figure them all out or to force my immediate will upon the current circumstances.

Lo and behold, as I started to give up some of that struggle and just go with the flow again, the Flow was back . . . We/They were back . . . loud and clear—or soft and strong—as ever.

I wondered to The Team—where did you Guys go? Why the resounding silence for a while? And what brought You/Us back around?

The song that you’ve been thinking of is a well-chosen one for its words that suggest to you that it is You who has returned. For, in effect, what you have done is say hello again to You after feeling the absence of You.

What we mean here is that when you experience times that you would describe as feeling separated from your well being (even though you never really are), times when it feels to you like the voices of affirmation and support that you normally hear have gone silent . . . what has actually occurred is that you have removed yourself from your connection. You have turned down the volume—or more precisely, you have turned up the volume of interference with your connection, so that you can no longer hear what You are saying to you.

Well being never stops flowing. Your source of well being never shuts down or goes offline. However, you often manage to turn away from it in your choosing to focus on what you perceive to be going ‘wrong’ in your experience. You have a clear, open channel that is always available to you, but you also have the freedom to turn your dial—your attention—to whatever is playing around you.

You cannot choose the station that is playing static or discordant, distressing, disturbing sounds, and expect to hear the same clear, strong, sweet signal of affirmation and guidance that you receive when you are tuning in to the You you really are.

It is all about the freedom that you have to choose your focus, your point of attention and therefore, your point of attraction. When you turn your attention back to the well being that abounds, back to the comfort and ease and joy that is always beaming back to you from your connection to Source, that You is always there, playing sweet and clear . . . saying to you every single time you are once more ready to listen. . . “Hello again, it’s You.”

They’re taking a bit of dramatic license with the lyric, but their version definitely hits home. It also helps explain, to me anyway, why it is that during those uncomfortable silences I am so often feeling like some part of me is missing in action—and why the resuming of normal operations so often feels like a homecoming.

I missed Me. It’s good to have Me back. And even if it might sound—to the casual listener—like I am one or two instruments short of a full band—it’s great to be playing My song again. It leaves me feeling like singing along, and that leaves me feeling back in tune and for the moment, complete.


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