Pennies from Heaven and The Path of Least Resistance

Have you ever wondered why it is that you can run around wanting something specific to come to you, doing all the things everyone has told you to do to make it—or let it—happen . . . faithfully reciting your affirmations . . . diligently doing your visualizations . . . and seemingly getting nowhere? Then to make matters even more puzzling, something you didn’t even know you wanted, something you barely gave a thought to and certainly never put forth any real effort to create, just falls out of the sky and lands right in your lap?

Just between you and me, I never once wrote down on my list of greatest desires that I wanted to be a channel. Not once. It never crossed my mind until the dialogues with the Team started about a year and a half ago. I never did a single visualization of Dan as Oracle. Never asked the Universe to make it so. In fact if anyone had told me I’d be doing this a couple of years ago I would have probably referred them to a reputable mental health professional or at least, a more reliable psychic.

So, I asked The Shower Team, what gives? Why do we bust our spiritual humps trying to no avail to manifest something we dearly desire, and then get stuff dropped at our doorstep that we didn’t even realize we’d ordered?

Your most powerful desires—the ones that mean the most to you and that you feel the greatest longing for are also the ones that are often accompanied by the greatest resistance. It is when you want something really really bad that you often have the hardest time believing it can be yours—and the hardest time getting your mind off the absence of it.

When you are sick and a powerful desire for wellness is created out of that contrast is also when you can have the hardest time ‘feeling’ yourself well. When you are struggling to make ends meet and the powerful desire for abundance is born, is when you can have the hardest time ‘feeling’ prosperous. And yet, it is that feeling of prosperity that draws prosperity to you. Or in other words, it is your lack of resistance to prosperity that allows prosperity to come.

A simple example along those lines would be one where you are greatly desiring financial improvement. You need more dollars and so the desire is launched within you for many many many more dollars . . . for big bucks . . . for hitting the mother lode . . . winning the lottery, etc. But you generally have a pretty hard time believing any of those options are really yours to claim. You are pushing against those possibilities because they don’t seem real to you and at the same time you are really noticing the absence of the dollars you seek.

All that translates to resistance to your desire. However, in the midst of that resistance, you may find pennies on the sidewalk or in the parking lot . . . pennies all over the place. Why? Because you aren’t grasping for pennies . . . you don’t really much care about pennies . . . You certainly aren’t shouting yes or no to pennies and yet because pennies do conform in some way to your desire for more money, and because there is nothing about pennies per se that you are having trouble believing and receiving . . . there they are.

And you say, “But I didn’t ask for pennies. I asked for several thousand dollars. Or I asked for a raise or a tax refund.” And we say, “Yes but you never really believed you would get any of those or you were too busy noticing that you were NOT getting them, so while you were busy not getting what you didn’t believe you would get, you got an answer to your desire that you weren’t fighting on some level.

The same is true for any desire that comes to you in ways you barely recognize. In your own example, there was a strong desire to offer words—messages—that inspire or uplift others, and while you were focusing on the means to that end that you had difficulty really believing or trusting—such as writing a bestselling book—your desire was answered through a back door that you were barely even considering. And then Presto Oraculus! Much to your surprise, you’re a channel.

The important point here is that when you find, either consciously or unconsciously, the path of least resistance to something you want, it comes. The fact that it comes in ways or fashions that surprise you only means that your desire has been answered in the easiest way that you were able to allow it. That easiest way is always the way you are least resisting, and therefore, often the way that you are least expecting.

Pennies from heaven are always a response to your desire offered in the way that you are able to receive. So we would encourage you to struggle less . . . allow yourself to be surprised more. . . and you will be amazed at what else gets dropped at your door.

I guess the mystery of The Shower Channel has been solved anyway. Now I’m trying to remember the last time I found a penny on the sidewalk. Come to think of it . . . I usually just leave them laying there. That can’t be good.

Note to self: start paying attention to and picking up those pennies when I spot them on the pavement. And what a cool possibility to ponder—that even bigger and better things on my list could appear as effortlessly as those pennies show up on the sidewalk—if or when I can as willingly relax about how or when or where they appear.

It’s an intriguing premise. And even if it does leave me pondering pennies rather than greenbacks, it has a certain luster to it that gets me feeling curiously encouraged, possibly pennywiser, and, for the moment, complete.


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  1. Thank you for an awe inspiring read. I extremely enjoyed this post. I look forward to reading more. If this had a rating I would have to say 10 marks

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