The Devil’s In The Details

Not too long ago I narrowly averted a tailspin that started when a very promising business venture proved to be all hype and no help in padding my ever eager coffers. It had looked so good going in and I had been pretty jazzed about the venture and pretty invested in its potential to pay some sweet dividends.

When it pooped out, my mood hit the pooper. So much for feeling good regardless of the conditions I’m observing. As Esther Hicks has (half) jokingly said, “I don’t live this stuff, I just teach it.”

But before letting myself slide all the way into the crapper over those particular circumstances, I asked The Shower Team to talk to me about getting my hopes up like that and then crashing and burning when a hot prospect doesn’t pan out . . .

In your push for prosperity, as in other areas, you mimic what you see most others doing and what most others are saying you should do—and that is, you hang the receiving of your desire on the hook of your ingenuity and your persistent and specific effort to make what you want, happen. Moreover, you essentially decide ahead of time how your desire can be fulfilled—and how it cannot be—and you get exceedingly busy with the work of limiting the ways that the Universe can respond to your request.

In other words, you essentially say, “Well I guess in this vast Universe of theoretically unlimited abundance and unlimited ways in which abundance can flow, I’ve only one or maybe a couple of shots at this particular brass ring so I better really bust my ass making sure I go with the odds and give these very few available options my best try.”

You have a way of putting blinders on every single time you ask, immediately assuming that the Universe shares your limited perspective. So instead of seeing the unlimited resources at your disposal, instead of opening yourself to the unlimited number of ways for what you want to come, you quickly start your process of elimination, putting all your eggs in one or two baskets, so to speak, and then you are surprised or disappointed when this limiting approach yields such limited results.

This is why you hear us repeatedly urging you to focus less or not at all upon the ‘how” of your desire coming to be. This is, in fact, the real work for you in terms of manifesting anything that you desire, and that is to realize and to accept that this stage of the process of manifestation is not the time or the place for your limited, physical view of things. This is where your good intentions and hard work often just get in the way of your really receiving the fullness of what is available to you.

You remain convinced that you must ‘make’ happen the good things you are wanting. And we keep saying, better things than you have even imagined are yours for the asking, if you will just allow yourself to feel only or primarily the joy of receiving what you want. You tend to hear these words as a suggestion that you do nothing, that you sit back on your behind and almost dare the Universe to put the money where its mouth is. We do not advocate apathy or inertia or lack of action. Rather, we encourage you to feel as much in agreement with the having of what you want as possible. We encourage you to give more diligent, focused attention to imagination than to observation, and we encourage you to allow inspired actions to emerge from your place of alignment, so that you begin to move as a harmonious whole toward your desires.

Why give the Universe only one or two options for delivering your dreams to you? Would you say to a benevolent billionaire who wanted to send you a hundred million or so of his dollars, “Well okay, but only if it arrives in a silver truck and is handed to me by a man in a blue uniform.”

We would encourage you as you launch your desires to make your work the giving of your attention to any and every aspect of receiving that desire that delights you . . . and leave the details, the how-to’s to the inspiration that we promise will follow as you agree in a purer and more powerful way with the image of you having all that you dream of.

I had to go back and re-read the stuff that came after the billionaire sending me a few mil . . . Even channels can get distracted by the idea of a half dozen or more zeroes . . . Far be it from to go around limiting the Universe.

The message here seems to be not about mult-tasking but rather, about multi-allowing . . . multi-receiving . . . and about the ways I mess with the possibilities by narrowing them down. I’ve heard people say ‘the devil’s in the details” but never stopped to think how getting bogged down in the details could actually keep me down.

Putting my eggs in multiple baskets is food for thought. It leaves me chewing on the possibility of more possibilities, and that kind of thinking is both lighter and more filling—and leaves me, for the moment, lighter and more complete.


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