Bad Dreams That Happen To Good People

If you’re sick of hearing about my dreams you may want to sleep through at least the first part of this installment.

What can I say? I’m a Pisces, so I like dreamin’ but I don’t like bad dreams any more than the next sleeper. And sometimes they’re just plain bad. Unpleasant. Ugly. Yucky. It especially bugs me when they seem to show up out of nowhere for no apparent good reason when I am otherwise feeling pretty good overall about my waking life. They can hit like a bucket of cold water in my face, and linger into my morning way past my cups of coffee.

So I wanted to hear what was up with that from The Shower Team. More specifically, I wanted to know the best way for me to respond to a bad dream so that it doesn’t rain on what could otherwise be a perfectly sunny day?

We would—at the risk of completely knocking you on your rear—respond to such dreams, which are manifestations of fears or worries still active in your vibration, by saying things such as: “Thank you thank you!” We would be so audacious as to urge you to say “Thank you!” to the constructive contrast that such images and feelings provide for you, for in the face of that contrast even greater clarity can emerge.

When faced with the fears or doubts or anxieties experienced in such dreams, the part of you that is really You becomes the more confident, more fearless, more determined you that you want to be. As you observe these highly contrasting experiences, you form an even more powerful sense of what you want—of the greater certainty and the greater confidence and the greater faith and the greater expressions of support that you want to see and to feel. You conclude even more strongly what it is that you desire and as a result, you summon even more powerful life force through you to move in the direction of those desires.

So rather than crawling into a corner or curling into a fetal position or pulling the covers over your head, we would encourage you to celebrate these dreams. Applaud the contrast you’ve observed and felt, rather than wracking your brain to decipher the ‘hidden meaning’ and then feel the determination born out of your even stronger desires. This is one challenge we would love to see you accept—to feel the greater life force that is summoned to you through these contrasting experiences. The same applies to similar, waking experiences—the ones you often say are “like a bad dream”. We would want you to accept the challenge to feel the stronger or happier or more confident or more purposeful or more successful you that You always become the moment that you become aware of what you want—and what you don’t want.

Accept the challenge to be that You who has benefited from the increased or intensified desire. Allow your allowing of what you want to be fueled even more by the contrasting experiences and even try to appreciate those experiences, conscious or unconscious ones, for that additional energy propelling you toward your desires.

Whatever form the contrast may take, practice turning where you stand and saying, “Thank you” . . . “Thank you, ex-lover for dumping me so that I can become this Me who can receive so much more from someone else” . . . “Thank you, ex-boss, for firing me so that I am free to find work that is more aligned with my dreams”. . .

As we offer this to you we recognize that you may not be in a place where you can feel the value of what we are suggesting. In fact we may sound like we are full of. . . it. But we promise you, as you allow yourself to experience appreciation for the events in your life that give birth to your dreams and desires, as you see the cycle, the perfect connection between the variety of your experience and the continual emerging of new and stronger preferences, you will see the beauty in this process. And as you can feel and express that appreciation, you will move more and more easily and swiftly into alignment with what you really want. You will probably sleep better, too.

I was thinking maybe just put a crystal under my pillow or something, but noooo. For some bizarre reason I’m remembering an old TV commercial with a much younger Cher as spokesperson for a chain of fitness centers. I remember her saying in the ad, “If a beautiful body came in a bottle we’d all have one.”

I’m starting to sort of get this idea that there’s something about the inspiration and motivation that comes from seeing or experiencing something we don’t like. Much as we don’t like it, often something we really do like comes from noticing what we don’t like.

Trying to sort through what I just said leaves me feeling like there just might be something good about bad dreams. And that leaves me feeling a little wider awake and for the moment, a bit more complete.


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