Part II: Cut The Gap!

Well, I’m here reporting from the Gap again. I have been accused (unfairly, of course) of getting stuck in my thinking on occasion. to the point where I can miss a point as plain as the ample nose on my face. In this case, I seem to have a bit of gap fever going on. Again, it has nothing to do with casual wear, but rather with my desire to jump quickly from where I am to where I want to be.

So once again, I asked The Shower Team about this particular brand of leaping—and how I can get the knack of it.

You are trying to understand better this distance between where you stand and where you want to be, this so-called “gap” and how to bridge it. And while you are on the right track in your desire to bridge that space that you perceive as a gulf or separation between you and the You who has what you are asking for, We want you to consider that there is a faulty premise at work here—and that faulty premise, or misconception, is the notion of the gap itself.

What we want you to begin to get a sense of is the reality that there is, in fact, no gap—only your perception of one. The You that sees all that is going on from your broader perspective has no such gulf or gap to contend with. That You already knows the joy, the exhilaration, the satisfaction of the having of what you want. That You feels, sees, experiences no distance between any desire or dream of yours and the receiving or manifesting of that desire.

It is from your limited, physical view that you perceive this gulf, and from that view, you hold yourself apart from the You who immediately becomes one with your desire as soon as you launch it. Pay attention to the ways that you describe your desires, or more specifically, the ways that you talk about having what you want to yourself or others. Listen carefully to what you say. More often than not it sounds something like: “Yes, some day I will have the abundance that I wish for . . .” or “One day down the road I will meet the mate of my dreams . . . “ or “Maybe in a few years I will be able to find a job that really fulfills me . . . “

Even now in your pursuit of understanding for how to “close the gap” between where you are and where you want to be, your focus is as much or more on the gap as it is on the elimination of it. If you keep going on about a gap that needs to be closed then you run the risk of just getting more gaps to close. And again, we want to offer to you a perspective where there are no gaps, where there is only the space between the thoughts you are practicing. There is only the proximity between you and You that is the difference between wanting what you want and having what you want.

Rather than spending time trying to trudge across some imagined chasm, we would encourage you to imagine yourself in front of a mirror, seeing You . . . but the You in the glass is the You who has what you desire. This You looking back at you is living the life that you dream of, receiving all that you are asking for. How is that You different? What is different about that You compared to the you on this side of the glass? How does that You look and feel? What is He/She doing? What does He or She say?

Now imagine that the glass separating you from You becomes permeable . . . as immaterial as air . . . so that you can reach through it and touch the You on the other side. Imagine you and You becoming one. Imagine you inhabiting You on the other side of this barrier that no longer exists.

You might say this is just fantasy or yet another exercise in using your imagination to trick yourself or to act as if you actually create your own experience, and we would say that is exactly right and that it is your imagination that is key to the closing of this imaginary “gap” of yours. You choose to make this imagined gap real by the way that you perceive it and think about it. You make the gap real and the having of what you want a fantasy, and in doing so, you hold yourself apart from it. You create the gap and then you create all this work for yourself in trying to close it.

How would you be different, feel different, act differently, if there were no gap–if you could easily inhabit the You on the other side of the looking glass? We promise you that if or when you allow yourself to be, to think, to feel the way You are when You are receiving what you desire, then all perceived gaps or barriers dissolve as easily and quickly as the imagined glass between you and the You on the other side of the mirror.

To start, decide that you will speak no more of gaps. Speak instead of bridges. Carry the image of You on the other side of the glass around with you . . . and regularly see your Selves reaching through the glass to become one. Speak of how much closer and closer you are drawing to your dreams. Speak of the progress you are making. Speak of distance only in the past tense, in terms of how far you’ve come. Speak of what is desired in terms of nearness, closeness. Take yourself nearer and nearer to your desires by finding ways to create the experience of feeling what it will be like to be the You who has received what you want.

Put even a fraction of the effort you expend in holding the image of or laboring to somehow get across “The Gap” into placing yourself smack in the middle of being the You who has what you want. We promise you that all this talk and this fretting about gaps will soon seem like so much “Gapola.”

You gotta love spirit guides who can get into word play. You may also have to wonder how many times I have to be reminded that most everything I complain or ask about is all in my head. In a manner of speaking I suppose, We/They are pretty much all in my head.

In any case, bridges do sound better to me than gaps. And if Alice could slip through the looking glass why can’t I? It’s a magical thought that leaves me feeling like a very cool character in a story I get to write. And that leaves me not only feeling far less hung up on gaps—for now—but also for the moment, imaginatively complete.


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