Why are we doing this?

Very recently a trusted and treasured friend who had just seen this newborn blog, asked innocently and understandably, “Why are you doing this?”

I just love it when someone asks an obvious question that feels like something I’ve never really thought about. Why indeed? Not much more than a year ago the notion of channeling still gave me the willies, even though I’d been pretty left of the center of the spiritual mainstream for a while. It was still a surprising turn, but it was so uplifting and inspiring and affirming—so cool—that I adjusted pretty quickly to the idea of this being a significant part of my life. Even so, it was one thing to put my Shower Dialogues in my journal—another altogether to post them in a blog for all the world (theoretically) to see.

I started asking myself about my motives for putting myself/Us out there this way. Certainly I like the idea of expressing myself—most writers do. Certainly I like the idea of adding value. Most teachers do. Certainly I like the idea of being appreciated. Most humans do. I wondered if perhaps I was just on some New Age ego trip or plumbing new depths of self-indulgence or maybe even on the brink of making some kind of meaningful contribution?

Eventually, I stopped wondering and started asking . . .

When you are feeling good . . . when you receive something that delights you or something happens to you that thrills you . . . there is always the accompanying desire to share that good news, to celebrate it out loud . . . to have company over to appreciate it with you and for you. Some might raise an eyebrow and comment upon the virtue of modesty but we say that modesty is highly overrated. Humans are the only creatures on the planet who worry about strutting their stuff. We say get out your trumpet and blow it so loud that it wakes up the neighbors. We say throw a party that goes on until all hours every chance you get. We say reach around and pat your own back past the point of looking silly. We say roll around in whatever you are enjoying and milk it for all that it is worth. We say that feeling good is the best reason in the world to open your mouth and let the reason for feeling good come out.

Understand that there is nothing really all that noble about trying to pass along wisdom or insight because however pure and shiny your intentions, nobody is really going to get much out of your wisdom or insight unless they’re already in a place of receiving their own wisdom and insight, and so the best you’re really going to do with any effort you make to teach is to strike a familiar chord in them or to sound a note that resonates with something that they already know or are on the verge of finding out for themselves. So call this what it is: you throwing a party for yourself because you’re feeling so good about what you’re getting. Recognize that really the only thing of true value that you have to offer is to be an example of how good it can get and how great it can feel and how available the good stuff is to anyone who asks and lets themselves receive.

Keep in mind that the birth and unfolding presence of joy is always a good enough reason to make an announcement and to pass out the cigars. Party on.

It is truly striking how I/We can feel simultaneously humbled and exalted. I/We are happy to hear that what feels good is good news and I/We are, with that news–for the moment–complete.


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Published novelist, poet, essayist, copywriter, photographer and college educator. Visit me at www.firstadream.com.

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  1. Bravo!. I think you almost answered my question?. ~Tommy~

  2. I felt both complete and like throwing a party after reading what you recently wrote! 🙂 Each time I tune in to this channel I feel such joy I just want to dance!

    Cher 😉

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