Dan-EL-ling: Guidance By Any Other Name

People get so hung up on names. It didn’t occur to me, initially, when I started getting guidance in The Shower, to wonder who was talking. But then I realized that most folks with a channeling gig seem to receive some spiffy name for the one or ones who speak.

I resisted this, partly because I like to avoid the appearance of being one of the herd and partly because I preferred to think about my guidance as just that: guidance from Me. Since I already knew my name, it seemed a moot point. Eventually, however, curiosity started to get the best of me . . .

You’ve asked, “Who am I hearing?” And we say, “We are all the ones that you’ve seen. We are all the names and faces in your dreams and meditations, all those and others—all available to you and to anyone who asks and then listens. We are all willing to communicate with you, to experience with you the magnificent realization of your desires. We are all prepared to work and play with you as you are choosing to work and to play in joy and delight with us. Ask and we will respond. In whatever way you truly want, in whatever you can and will allow.

That was all well and good, but I wanted a name, and so I asked for more specificity . . .

We/You are “Dan-L” or “Dan-EL” . . . that is, “Dan Elevated” . . . Dan speaking and perceiving from an ELevated perspective, offering ELevated wisdom and insights and answers, coming from an ELevated view in response to the most ELevated expression of your desires. So that, in effect and in truth, you are “Dan-EL-ling.”

Aside from the way it makes me sound like I’m from Krypton, I/We thought it was funny. I/We were amused and for the moment, complete.


About Dan

Published novelist, poet, essayist, copywriter, photographer and college educator. Visit me at www.firstadream.com.

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