First Words From The Flow

Not all that long ago, I found myself in the middle of (a series of) mid-life crises/transitions. I had left a successful, stable job as a leadership coach for a federal agency. I had moved clear across the country and was living with my parents while I labored to finish grad school. I was looking up at the curb financially, with a mixed bag of job skills and aspirations and interests. The spiritual back story was that I was a former fundamentalist Christian whose beliefs had morphed into a hybrid of Christian/Western mysticism, Eastern philosophy, meditation, magic, pagan and neo-pagan and New Age spirituality.

The faith of my father (and mother and grandparents and uncles and aunts . . .) emphasized a personal relationship to God and sanctioned spiritual gifts (speaking in tongues, faith healing, prophecy, etc.). After coming out/leaving the church, my continued attraction to subjective spiritual experience/understanding led to an exploration of alternative ways of connecting to Spirit. All this was converging with an educational background in literature and psychology and a evolving professional/work life focusing on creative writing and professional helping (counseling, coaching).

After almost three years of living with my folks, and all the mixed blessings and frustrations associated with it, they decided pretty suddenly to pick up and move back East. The nest was leaving me, and from a financial standpoint, I wasn’t sure if I could afford not to follow it.

In that context, I had this dream:

My dad gets some kind of letter that made it definite that he and my mother would be moving on or around June 1. When he tells me this, my heart sinks, even though I knew the move was coming. I feel this tremendous weight and pressure, as though I had no choice but to move with them. I was upset and couldn’t really speak or respond. I get up and leave the room. My mother sort of follows me into a kitchen or laundry room. As soon as I see her, I burst into tears and start sobbing violently.

It was a surprisingly intense, emotional response and a surprisingly intense dream about the move. I’d had no idea that any part of me felt that strongly opposed to the idea of moving with them. The prevailing feeling from the dream was one of powerlessness, of having no choice about the direction my life took.

After the dream, I decided to take a bath like the good, self-aware Piscean that I am. As I lay there soaking in the tub, I started meditating, asking for understanding of the dream’s purpose and its impact on me, for clarity about why it had hit with such force.

Very spontaneously, my meditation turned into this free-flowing stream of words and phrases that I was hearing in my head. It was in my voice, but the words carried a pointed, purposeful, yet gentle force as I heard:

Your heart is calling out to you, making its desires known by way of presenting you with pointed, focused contrast and a clearer and clearer picture of what you’ve been allowing versus what you have been wanting. Your heart is leading you in the direction of what you want and you are choosing and CAN choose where you go and what you do—and whom you please. That powerlessness and defeat that you felt in the dream is what you’ve been allowing but not what you want and not what you are being forced to choose or accept except by you. You can trust your feelings to guide you to what you want.

Okay. So it’s not like I was given a few pages out of Jesus’ diary or directions to the Holy Grail. What was noteworthy about this experience at the time was how empowering it felt. I could feel the immediate shift in my vibration and in my energy, from unease to comfort, from anxiety to hopefulness, from helplessness to resolve. I knew from that moment on, in a way I could feel, that I had choices and that they would be supported.

As for the meditation, it wasn’t the first time I’d heard a voice in my head offering support or guidance. But it was the first time I had more consciously invited it and then allowed it to speak to me so clearly, from such a loving and authoritative place.

It was both an ending and a beginning (imagine that), although I did not really understand this at the time. I had been accustomed to asking for guidance for quite some time—and even accustomed to receiving it, now and then, in a way I could appreciate. Somehow in the tub that day, however, I found a frequency that seemed to bypass the static of the past. Subsequent baths and then—showers—became visitations. It brought a whole new meaning to the idea of community bathing.

Something about turning on the water and letting it flow, then turning my attention to a question, and then letting the response flow . . . just clicked. Almost without exception from that morning on, the connection was always waiting. My guys and gals: Lord and Lady/God and Goddess, Angels, Guides, Helpers, Healers, Teachers, and Companions were just a turn of the faucet and a few deep breaths away.

It has taken relatively no time at all (at least once we got rolling) to enjoy easy, ongoing access to the Shower Channel. Not unlike dreams, once you start inviting and paying attention to Guidance, it just shows up, party hats and all. Or in this case, rubber duckies and back scrubber.

Abraham-Hicks repeatedly says, writes, and teaches us to “Ask and it is given.” That’s not an entirely new message, but it’s all about who’s listening. I ask the question, and the response is given. It’s always about me on some level and the response is always for me on some level.

What follows are transcriptions from the Flow. They are responses to my questions about topics of importance in my life, relevant to real situations and circumstances but perhaps also relevant to anyone with similar experiences having similar questions.

The messages are from Me/We to me, and if you decide to play, also from and to you. We/They don’t have a name because I prefer not to think of Us/Them as separate from me. They have not revealed themselves to be Zytrons from the planet Moleculor nor have They/We identified as Abraham or Seth or Emmanuel or any other currently channeled entity, although anyone paying close attention to such things will undoubtedly observe similarities. I am pretty sure that I am not possessed.

Ultimately, it’s about simple wisdom that is as available to anyone as it is to me. It’s about connection to who we all are from the broadest, most loving perspective. It’s about remembering where we come from and where we’re going and having the best possible time along our way. Danelling is invoking the Meity, one of the infinite many, the collective Us who are tuned in, tapped in, and turned on to that stream of well being always flowing and always accessible whenever we allow ourselves to let it in.

Call Them/Us my guides, my speed dial to Spirit, my connection to Source. Call them my Shower Team, since that’s where I first started hearing from Them and where We most regularly convene. They/We don’t care as long as They/We get to play this increasingly joyful game called my life.

No dry rhetoric here–just one continuous wild and wet ride, so let’s get the water running!


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  1. Flowingly beautiful You have a way with words little fish. I hope how soon that your site sprinkles its wisdom on your visitors. These are the kind of showers the world could use more than once each day.

  2. Ahhhh the joy of water! Cleansing the soul, the mind and the body. Your tinklings sure tickle my fancy!
    this brings to mind the out of body experience I had amongst the bubbles myself, after many years without out of body experiences. After asking myself if this memory was real or percieved – really – how could I be sure of these claims I made it had been so long since I had an out of body experience I was beginning to doubt I had ever experienced them at all. Then meditating on this while soaking in the tub I saw a view of me, looking down upon me, by another me, both of whom seemed to be outside of the observer seeing all of this as well.
    It was like a reunion of sorts of all those parts of me that are in the now, soaking, in the bubbles!
    Ask and it is given!
    I love this life!

    Journey safe and strong of heart
    Dance Feather

  3. The Law of Attraction Coach

    Very well written! = )

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